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Longwood hosted Central Michigan for a bout on Friday. Just 36 seconds into the start of the game, Longwood had already scored a goal. In the end, Longwood finished 7-0 against Central Michigan. This is the Lancers second win in the Mid-American Conference (MAC).

With only 6 games left in the season and 4 of them being MAC opponents, there’s added pressure. But moving forward after a program record for their largest margin of victory, the Lancers (6-3, 2-1 MAC) appear to be in a good position.

The Lancers are the league-leading scores, amassing 26 goals. They also remain undefeated playing at home. Two MAC opponents will be playing in Farmville while two other games are away.

Cameron Toddy is a team captain in her fifth year. She spoke about the MAC.

“No game in our conference is ever guaranteed, I think it’s always having that mentality that like you have to earn every single game, every minute you’re out there,” said Toddy.

Besides fierce competition, universities apart of the MAC are spread out far from one another. Sometimes bus trips to road games can be over 10 hours. Coach Iain Byers explained that bus rides can be the toughest part but that the team has been doing it for years, so they know their limits.

The Lancers two upcoming away games will be played in Ohio. The first will be played against Kent State, which is roughly overall a 15-hour bus ride.

Byers spoke about his coaching philosophy and how the team has exceeded that expectation.

“It’s my personal philosophy, you know, what the actual standard of the group is what happens when the coach turns their back,” expressed Byers. “I think this group does a really good job of holding a high standard amongst themselves.”

As Toddy is the only fifth year on the team, her experience and expertise are important for the other players.

“I mean having a fifth-year senior, someone with that level of experience is great. What’s impressed me with Cammy is how her role has changed as she’s gone through,” said Byers.

He added that she’s been a leader on the teams for years and is very good at team-orientated decision-making.

Toddy explained that she sees herself in her younger teammates. Many of the lessons that she’s learned are what younger players are experiencing now, whether it be academically or related to field hockey. She elaborated on being the team captain.

“I’m someone who always puts a lot of pressure on myself,” said Toddy. “So, I think, building up my younger teammates is definitely something that I’ve looked to try to do.”

The Lancers will have an opportunity to rise in the conference on Friday, October 8. The road game tips of at noon against Kent State.

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