Geter One

Damarion Geter, former Longwood basketball forward, takes a corner jumpshot against Southern Mississippi in the first round of the College Basketball Invitational last March. 

After the men’s basketball team lost to DePaul in the second round of the College Basketball Invitational tournament back in March, it appeared that Damarion Geter’s time with Longwood athletics was over. However, that is not the case.

Today, Geter has a job in the academic services department of Longwood athletics. In this job, he assists with academic studies for "about five teams" and also has the chance to work interpersonally with athletes.

"I meet with student athletes on a one-on-one basis, do study hall from time to time. I help out in any way that my boss wants me too," he said.

In pursuit of his masters degree in counseling, Geter also serves the campus community in other areas.

"I’m doing my internship at C.A.P.S. (Counseling and Psychological Services) during the day and I was trying to figure out another way to spend my free time. The Director of Academic Services (Hannah Ledger) and I spoke about what I could do during my free time and she said I could be her assistant.”

“(Being here) feels kind of routine. I’ve been here longer than most student athletes have. This is technically my seventh year here. But as I transition to this new role, it’s nice to have built relationships with people so they can help me transition.”

Geter said he, one day, wants to become a counselor for an NBA franchise, and open a facility that combines athletic training and mental health counseling, all in one place.

Through this job and his internship at C.A.P.S., Geter is putting himself in a position to help people. With mental health becoming a bigger issue among student athletes and college students in general, Geter wanted to make it clear that he is here to help.

He said, “We all go through stuff. We all have a story. No matter our background or our race, we’re all dealing with something on a day to day basis. Don’t be ashamed to need help, and don’t be afraid to use your resources because one simple thing can change your life.”

Ledger said she could see Geter's interest in the counseling field growing over time.

She said, “I worked with him while he was doing his undergrad. As his interest in the counseling field grew, I knew that he would be a good fit to work with me here. Since he just finished his tenure as a student athlete, he knows what they’re going through and so he has that experience.”

She said there are multiple characteristics that make Geter fit for the position.

“He’s very patient, you definitely saw that on the court with him with all the time he had to wait to play after suffering injury after injury. He was always very patient and waiting for his time. Persistence as well, it’s something that we saw from him on the court and we need that from him here because we need to make sure that we’re keeping up with all of our athletes. In his role, he’s continuing to push them.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with mental health, C.A.P.S can be contacted at (434) 395-2409

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