The brand that’s not for you—for everyone

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Residing in the industry for over a decade, the new critically acclaimed winner of this year’s 2020 American Accessories Designer of the Year, via the Council of Fashion Designers of America; CFDA, was awarded on behalf of Telfar Clemens. This Brooklyn based designer has managed to remain in the fashion scene through his eclectic take on streetwear, footwear and as of lately his handbags.

To be exact, when Clemens isn’t making headlines, he’s making luxury items that align very much so with his brands’ tagline, “Not for you — for everyone.” In doing so, his luxury tote handbags have become a fan favorite of many individuals, including myself. Yet, as of recent, New York's 14th district representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, model Bella Hadid and musicians Solange and Dua Lipa, to name a few, have made the high fashion accessory a staple piece to their wardrobe.

Embodied with its high-quality designs, these Telfar totes are unique with its small, medium and large shaped bags through its distinctive logo placed frontward. Essentially Clemens has created a top brand that has managed to successfully give access to everyone and not just a select few, with its affordable priced products between $150.00 to $257.

According to a brand representative via, "The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community. But when thousands of bags are sold per second, we can't even know how many to make.”

To give clarity, the brand recently implemented a Bag Security Program that would guarantee avid consumers the opportunity to secure their purchase by January 2021, without the interference of internet bots and resellers.

Now, although these totes are at a high demand, they are currently sold out, yet, they are not out of reach. The brand's website,, frequently updates its stock, where it’s highly encouraged to sign up for notifications via their website. However, online resellers such as Stock X, eBay, Depop and SSENSE have utilized their platform to advertise these luxury handbags at a not so affordable rate compared to the luxury brand itself; $600 and up.

Furthermore, Telfar remains in its bag—literally and figuratively. This month, Telfar announced its collaboration with a well-known footwear brand, Ugg. From the fuzzy footwear and affiliation with cold weather, Ugg’s partnership with Telfar is certainly one for the books. Therefore, be on the lookout for this collaboration next year. According to GQ magazine, “While no Telfar x Ugg designs have been revealed just yet, the partnership will include footwear, apparel, and accessories. It will launch in the fall of 2021.”

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