How to Have a Routine During this Quarantine

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Declared as a state of emergency amid concerns of exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced the closure of all public schools from March 16 through March 27, which led higher education institutions to follow in the same steps in an extension rooted in virtual learning and entertainment.

In response to the growing pandemic, this emerges as the Virginia Department of Health reports that the Commonwealth currently sits at 254 cases. This past Thursday, Northam outlined his measures to combat COVID-19 in his press release.

“Our top priority is to make sure Virginians stay safe and healthy, and that our response to this situation leaves no one behind,” said Northam. “From our health department to our schools, to our hospitals, to our transit systems, Virginia’s agencies and institutions have been thoroughly planning for every scenario. This emergency declaration will ensure we can continue to prepare for and appropriately respond to Virginians’ needs during this time.”

As Northam sets the precedent amongst these in-effect school closures, the art of non-socializing has been an ongoing concern of many, especially for young adults. That said, as we possibly detach from the outside world and actively practice social distancing, this will be a guide on how to productively manage your life indoors.

While cooped up in your home or residence, the urge to feel lazy and lonely is inevitable, but here are some ways to lessen that experience.

In the morning, make it a mission set aside time to orchestrate your plans for the day. These plans could include eating, showering, journaling, Netflixing, scheduling a free online workout class, yoga, boxing, finding a new hobby, etc. Ultimately the list goes on and on. While juggling online homework, Canvas notifications and consistent emails, try and make self-care a priority for yourself.

Now teetering upon the afternoon, actively apply those plans. Yet apply those plans with other people. During this quarantine time, enact a deeper form of human interaction with friends, family, co-workers, etc.—people who need it the most, through a simple call, text and or video chat.

Thereafter the evening time should include taking a break. Yes, a break. This break should include time away from your cellular device, although Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have been unbearable to stay away from, your mental state may need it.

Ultimately, these are simple ways to keep yourself and others active in efforts to distract ones from the untimely situation at hand. Therefore, stay healthy, stay productive, and stay informed.

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