Hello anyone who bothers to read this, and welcome to the Rotonion. Please set your oven to medium heat and cut your Rotonion into rings because this week we are going to saute some more questions, and season to tase.

First on the chopping block:

"Help, i still have 200 bonus dollars and it’s may, what should i do?"

Buy me food.


"I go to charlies from time to time and this big nerdo keeps recommending that I get a reuben instead of the endless italian buffet, how do i inform him that I can’t continue to talk with him? Or should i just ignore him from now until forever?"

The end of a relationship is always hard, especially when one party involved just doesn't realize that it's over. Obviously this man, we’ll call him Ruben (side note, who decided that Ruben is a good name? IT’S A SANDWHICH. I digress), is devastated; he's not over you, and is still holding on hope that you’ll come back. It's hard to do, but there is only one course of action to take here: you have to be completely upfront with Ruben so that there are no mistakes about how you feel. You simply cannot ignore him, whoever you are. It's not enough. You have to tell Ruben that you and him are done, that you're seeing the Italian buffet now. It would just be too difficult for both of you to continue to talk, so you have to cut him out cold turkey.

However, there is the risk that he still won't get the point. You could have the Italian buffet rough him up, but that's stupid and violent. I doubt the Italian buffet is really that kind of guy anyway.

If Ruben continues to bother you after you are upfront with him, just get a restraining order.

I hope you and the Italian buffet have a wonderful relationship.

Thank you for reading this week’s Rotonion with your own two eyes. I hope that, as your semi faithful columnist, (I forget sometimes) I have brought you satisfaction in my mediocre answers.

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