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As the warm weather approached and schools closed for the summer, parents across America breathed a sigh of relief with the thought that their children would be safe from the recent influx of mass school shootings, taking place nationwide.

On July 26, CNN reported that there had been 22 school shootings across the United States since the beginning of 2019.

These shootings resulted in the loss of life and injuries of more than ten students.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the safety of summer was merely an illusion to parents and students alike, because in the month of August alone, mass shootings have continued to transpire in places such as a busy street, a municipal building and a Walmart.

On Aug. 4, a Walmart in El Paso, Texas was disturbed by gunshots fired by a man named Patrick Crusius.

According to the New York Times, Crusius killed twenty-two people and injured another 26 in his rampage.

Authorities apprehended Crusius and discovered that he had written an anti-immigrant manifesto, which was posted on a website called 8chan, shortly before the attack.

The shooting had been premeditated and has since been labeled the deadliest mass shooting to occur in 2019, thus far.

Just one day later, another devastating mass shooting took place across the country.

In just 32 seconds, a gunman opened fire in the middle of a crowded street, managing to kill nine people and injure 27 others, on Aug. 4, in Dayton, Ohio.

Police arrived at the scene, killing the gunman and putting a stop to his reign of terror.

The shooter in question was 24-year-old Connor Betts.

Bett’s sister, Megan Bett, was among one of the victims who were fatally shot.

Many ask what needs to be done to prohibit and prevent more mass shootings in The United States.

Following the shooting in El Paso, Walmart stores have made the decision to stop selling ammunition and eventually stop selling handguns, as well.

According to The Washington Post, Walmart sells guns in about half of its U.S. stores; meaning that this new resolution, though a step in the right direction, could have significant impact on Walmart’s sales.

Along with this new policy, Walmart has stated that they would put an end to the concealed carry of weapons, in order to take more control over the potential mishandling of guns brought into their stores.

Furthermore, cities, like San Francisco, have also decided to take a stand against the gun violence that has been happening in the last few months.

The California city, has declared the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a domestic terrorist group, due to the recent mass shootings and the pressure on the NRA to create stricter forms of gun control.

More and more Americans are dying frequently as a result of gun violence and citizens are becoming more and more divided on their stance.

Whether it be declaring the NRA as a terrorist organization or making guns less available to the public, there is no denying that something must be done to put a stop to the recent influx in mass shootings across the United States and the decision must be done quickly to prevent further tragic incidents that have taken place this summer.

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