The investigation to find missing Longwood student Angelica “AJ” Hadsell is currently in week three and police still don’t know much about her disappearance—if they do, any information regarding leads has yet to be released.

AJ disappeared March 2 and hasn’t been seen since. According to a report by NBC News, AJ’s family believes she is in dire need of saving.

"She was telling and texting her cousin and her friends she was having these issues with him and he wouldn't leave her alone," Wesley Hadsell, AJ’s father told NBC, referring to a possible suspect. "She was scared of a situation."

In an interview aired on Case to Case, Mr. Hadsell explained that directly before AJ disappeared, she borrowed “a couple hundred dollars” from him. After a few days of searching, one of AJ’s friends found her credit card cut up.

According to Examiner, information has surfaced involving authorities finding one of AJ’s jackets in the possession of an “unidentified person of interest.”

A neighbor reportedly recently saw Anjelica driving quickly away from her home, being followed by a white car—the same car formerly spotted in AJ’s driveway.

The Hadsell family announced they would reward $3000 to anyone with knowledge or tips regarding AJ’s disappearance.

Norfolk Police told The Rotunda the investigation is still ongoing, and still haven’t declared ‘foul play’ to be a factor in AJ’s whereabouts.

The Hadsell family recently created a ‘gofundme’ page, which has raised over $5,000 through donations that will go directly to helping find AJ.

AJ is described as 5’6” tall, weighs about 120 lbs—she has hazel eyes and dark brown wavy hair. If anyone has any information about AJ’s whereabouts, it is requested they share the information with Norfolk Police 1 (888) 562-5887.

#BringAJhome is the hashtag being used to create and curate awareness about AJ’s disappearance. The Facebook page ‘Bring AJ Home’ now has over 10,000 likes and communicates information and news about AJ to supporters.

As this story continues to unfold, stay with The Rotunda for updates on AJ’s possible location, and new information involving parts of the investigation.

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Your article failed to mention that Anjelica's second stepdad was indicted by a grand jury for rape, kidnapping, and assault in 2005. On the day the indictment was handed down, AJ's second stepdad kidnapped his estranged wife, Michelle Tallman Hadsell, for two weeks. A national manhunt occurred to find and rescue Michelle. She was eventually rescued from the stepdad by law enforcement officers at a roadside rest stop. Michelle later refused to testify against Wesley, so the District Attorney prosecuted Wesley for felonious restraint, assault, grand larceny, statutory burglary, and many counts of forgery. Wesley, Aj's newest stepdad, was given a 10-year prison sentence and served most of this sentence.

In the first days after AJ's disappearance, Wesley withheld information from police officers. Notice the first missing posters state AJ was last seen at 7 am on March 2nd. This is now known to be untrue. Several days after AJ's disappearance, Wesley came forward and admitted that he saw and spoke to AJ at a gas station around noon, but they didn't talk much. They mostly stared at each other for 45 minutes then she "departed his presence". You can hear Wesley provide this specific information on a podcast operated by Chelsea Hoffman.

Wesley Hadsell no longer resides with AJ's mother. On the gofundme page, Wesley states that the donated money will be used to help his families. The number of families that Wesley has is unknown.

The jacket that Wesley stated was found in some teen male's closet was NOT verified by the police to be AJ's jacket. This unverified information came out from Wesley Hadsell.

The unidentified person that Wesley states interjected himself into the case and is a POI is AJ's first stepdad. The first stepdad raised Anjelica from the age 1 to 14. He has distributed fliers to find AJ, but Wesley and AJ's mom ordered his posters to be ripped down. The first stepdad also put up a $25,000 reward. For many years, the first stepdad has kept a blog of his heartbreaking interactions with Wesley Hadsell and Anjelica. His blog is open for the public to read.

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