Representatives from the Longwood Chess Club speak to members of SFC on their allocation request. 

Longwood Chess Club


Club came to SFC for materials for the organization, along with assistance in paying for membership in United States Chess Federation.

A friendly amendment was made by Executive Vice President Catherine Swinsky to change the line four item "Spring Weekend Supplies" from $50 to $10, which was passed, lowering the total to $202.85. This was due to SFC normally only allocating $10 for advertising. She also made another friendly amendment to rename the same line item to "Advertisements", due to that being the reason the funds were asked for, which was passed. 

Executive Secretary Brandon Bowen made an amendment to strike the line three item "Membership Cost- USCF" to zero dollars after discussion about the funds being put to use for only specific students by members of SFC. 

The amdendment was passed which placed the final total allocated to $74.85.



Funds are for security, sound, lights and stage for Bandfest event. 

After much discussion, there was a consensus that the event needed to be paid for by the SFC, but there was a need for more information into what the line one item "Bandfest Security" entailed to find the total costs. Therefore, the discussion was tabled to a later date. 

Cyber Security Club


Funds are for creating a logo for the organization to place on flyers.

According to representatives from the club, the logo for the organization has already been created. According to the SFC Bylaws, funds cannot be given to a project that has already been committed to. The allocation was then moved to zero dollars and passed. 

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