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Longwood students began arriving back to campus in mid-August, and with the anticipation of move-in came a new question: how long will they stay?

After the COVID-19 pandemic sent all students home, the thought of returning was on everyone's minds. Now, students aren't sure how long they will be staying.

Associate Vice President for Wellness and Auxiliary Services Matt McGregor says the university expects cases to come up.

"We do expect there to be cases at Longwood since we do not live in a bubble," McGregor said. "But what will help is being as aggressive as we can when people show symptoms."

Students are able to go to the university health center to get tested, and on-campus students are able to quarantine in ARC Residence Hall while awaiting test results.

The university recently updated the COVID-19 dashboard, which reports active and cumulative cases, as well as where cases were reported from. As of September 11, there have been 17 students who have tested positive at the health center.

McGregor added that he expects students to stay safe and smart while on and off campus. Students who do not follow protocols can receive a non-compliance form, where disciplinary action can be taken.

Dean of Students Jennifer Fraley said that all non-compliance cases will be taken seriously, as the Student Handbook has been updated to include a COVID-19 section.

"All cases of students failing to meet expectations will proceed through the normal Office of Student Conduct and Integrity procedure," Fraley said. "Included in the expectation in the Student Handbook is clear notification that students who do not meet expectations may face a range of sanctions -- from disciplinary probation up to suspension -- depending on the severity of the offence."

If a student or faculty member would like to file a non-compliance form, they can go to

Additionally, McGregor added that the university would not like a repeat of March, and said that it is up to everyone to do their part.

"Be safe. Stay covered. Stay clean," McGregor added.

For more information on Longwood's COVID-19 guidelines, visit

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