Frazer renovated

Frazer Hall sits next to Curry Hall where it will open in Fall 2019 then Curry Hall will begin its renovation to be similar to Frazer. 

With an anticipated opening in Fall 2019, Frazer Hall is one of the construction projects amongst several that are currently underway, according to Kim Bass, deputy director for capital design and construction.

In addition, a new academic building is currently in progress with a completion date set for April 2020, per Bass, “The new academic building is the building that is behind French, between French and the heating plant off of Madison Street. So that's an academic building that's about 42,000 square feet.”

According to Bass, the funding is a capital project, meaning that the money comes from state funding, not student fees. 

“We have to not confuse terms completion and opening,” Bass said. “Construction will be complete in probably about April of 2020 but it won't open until fall semester of 2020.”

Per Bass, the building does not have a name yet and is not dedicated to any particular department.

“It‘s an academic building,” Bass said. “That's the designation, but that's it because it will not go to a single academic program. It won't be math, it will not be science, it won't be English. It is a multi-use academic building to cover sort of lapses in needs throughout the campus.”

Per Bass, the building will be two stories on the east side and four stories on the west side as a result of the grade of the site it is built on.

There is also a new admissions building set to open in Fall 2019 which is set to be about 22,000 square feet. It is also funded through capital funding, per Bass.

The use of the Admissions suite of Lancaster Hall after admissions moves has not yet been determined, according to Jerry Jerome, university facilities planner.

“It appears most likely that will be a shuffle of people from other places in Lancaster because of course first floor is prime real estate. So there's people who interact with staff and students and it's much easier to get to them if they're off the first floor. So that's a work in progress,” said Jerome. 

Per Jerome, the renovation of Frazer Hall is progressing and is expected to open Fall 2019. Curry Hall will go offline after graduation and be renovated to match Frazer.

“The area that was the Commons building is now going to be open plaza,” Jerome said. “So the buildings will face each other on the long access. There will be a vehicle pull off from the main street and the landscaping and the concept of Spruce Street will be completely different. It'll be more pedestrian drop off access. It won't be just a long row of 47 parking places.”

Per Bass, Curry and Frazer each have a capacity of around 380 residents.

“Each is roughly equivalent to almost exactly what they had in old Curry and Frazer here, but much nicer, I think from the student's standpoint,” Jerome said. “The room arrangement will be very similar to what Sharp and Register have, a suite concept, but a modern suite concept.”

The next project to be started, according to Jerome, is a new facilities building.

“(It) will be built on the site of the lumberyard down fourth street behind the old church and the Landings and that will be about 43,000 square feet,” said Jerome. 

Designed for the building that will replace Bristow Hall, started this past January according to Jerome.

A new music building to replace Wygal Hall is also being planned, per Jerome. The Virginia State Assembly included funding for the design of the building into next year’s budget.

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