Assistant professor of art Lauren Rice speaks in her presentation "Look/Draw/See" at the art workshops event held on March 11 at the Longwood Center of the Visual Arts. 

Longwood Center of the Visual Arts (LCVA) is located on Farmville’s Main Street. This center holds lots of free art workshops each month. These workshops are usually held by Longwood and Hampden-Sydney College faculty, and each one covers a different type of art. 

On March 11, the center held a drawing class. This was taught by Lauren Rice an assistant art professor at Longwood University. At this class, LCVA offered free drawing books, pencils and food. 

Rice started this by talking about what they were going to do. The people were going to be given a minute to draw whatever they thought of and repeat that nine more times, so they would in total have 10 drawings in ten minutes.

“This is my first time holding this event, and I really enjoyed it,” said Rice. 

While Rice holds similar drawing sessions within the classroom, she mentioned that she does not usually have her students draw random objects. Rather, students create gesture drawings in-class. 

Freshman Physics major Kinsey Shefelton attended this event. Rice is her art professor and she also works at the LCVA. Out of this experience, Shefeltion got, "some good laughs with friends and a way to express my way artistically.” 

Dr. M. Leigh Lunsford, a Longwood professor of mathematics, was another attendee. She has been to other classes at LCVA and enjoyed them.

“You have to practice and you have to sort of loosen your mind a little bit,” said Lunsford. 

LCVA holds these classes and workshops every month, the next class is Wednesday, April 17. It will be a painting class with the topic "Women in Botanical and Scientific Art". This class will be lead by Hampden-Sydney professor Emma Steinkraus.

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