Spring Sem Plans and Registration

In an email sent by Assistant Vice President of Communications Matt McWilliams on September 29, the university announced its plans for academic instruction in spring 2021.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, learning on Longwood’s campus for the fall 2020 semester looked different than ever before. According to McWilliams, about 78% of classes were taught in-person, while the rest followed a hybrid or online model. He said that the spring will look similar.

“Spring classes will be structured the same as this semester,” McWilliams said. “There will be three types of classes, in-person, online and hybrid, with in-person either being fully in-person or blended.”

McWilliams added that as of September 30, students can go to myLongwood to look at the courses being offered in the spring. The site will also reflect which courses will be online or in-person, however, it will not reflect which courses will be blended.

“We can’t finalize which in-person classes will be blended until January when registration for new students has finished.”

Although new student registration is in January, registration for current students will begin on October 27. Despite the semester looking different, class registration will be similar to how it normally is. 

Students will log onto myLongwood and register at 7:00 a.m. on their designated day. For students that need help, the Registrar’s Office will be open each day.

Susan Hines of the Registrar’s Office said, “We will have staff available to help either in-person, by phone, live chat, email or on Zoom.”

Although spring 2021 is slated to be formatted like the fall, things can still change, and a course’s model will not be set in stone until January. If a student registers for a course that moves to a different format, then they are able to drop the class through January 21, 2021, according to Hines.

Similarly, if a student would like to request a fully online schedule, they are able to work with the university.

“Students can select classes that meet fully online during the registration process, and work with professors to request joining an in-person or hybrid class remotely,” McWilliams added.

If students have any questions or concerns about the registration process or the spring semester, they can visit longwood.edu/registrar/registration or email the office at registrar@longwood.edu.

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