SGA President Brandon Bowen

SGA President Brandon Bowen speaks at a meeting on February 25, 2020.

In this week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, the senate received updates on COVID-19 on campus and two students were sworn into office. 

In Special Orders of the Day, Associate Vice President for Wellness and Auxiliary Services Matt McGregor and Assistant Vice President for Communications Matthew McWilliams gave the senate updates on the campus coronavirus situation. 

It was mentioned that the university’s COVID-19 dashboard has been updated to include total active cases, as well as cases that have been reported at the university health center or by a student or faculty/staff member. As of September 11, there are eight active cases and 22 overall at Longwood. To view the dashboard, go to

Both McGregor and McWilliams shared their gratitude towards students for taking the protocols and virus seriously. They urge students to use their best judgment and to stay safe. 

In New Business, SGA President Brandon Bowen officiated the proceedings as Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Representative Allison Derrick and Vice President of Hispanic Latino Association Jacqueline Amaya took the oath.

The students will now assume their roles after being sworn in and will begin their positions effective immediately. 

Also in New Business, SGA Executive Historian Cole Pillow and the senate voted in favor of making the French Language and Culture Club an official organization on campus. The club can now hold official meetings and events on campus.

The next SGA meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 15 at 3:45 p.m. on Zoom. 

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