SGA prepares for their first full meeting since the Spring semester. 

In this week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, newly elected officers in the freshman class were sworn into office. SGA President Haleigh Pannell officiated the proceedings as Freshman Class President Cole Pillow, Vice President Jess Semmler, Treasurer Eva Dorn, Secretary Emma Carlstrom and Representatives Charlotte Austin and Nathan Boyle took the oath.

The students will now assume their roles after being sworn in and will begin their positions effective immediately.

Dean of the Greenwood Library Brent Roberts spoke about updates to the library, which includes a new media box that allows students to rent movies and new furniture installed to the building.

Roberts said on the media box, “Because we want full access to the media box that contains more than 750 DVDs, it is accessible 24-7 between "The Comma" coffee shop. Students can go in anytime and rent stuff out.”

The library also put new furniture in on the main floor to make it more welcoming and easily accessible to students, according to Roberts. The furniture includes couches, rocking chairs and booths. 

The library is also continuing to host events every semester such as game nights, a genealogy workshop, a book club and their “Long Night Against Procrastination” event in the next few months. They continue to encourage students to use the librarians and resources provided to them by the university if they need help.

In open forum, Webmaster Mason Patrick began by reading aloud questions from the virtual open forum, which can be found on the Longwood SGA website. 

Questions that were brought up included the issue regarding the chalk drawings around the rotundas and crowns.

(Haleigh) Pannell said, “It is against the student policies to chalk, it is a policy violation. If it is something that concerns you, you can always call LUPD to assess the situation.”

Another question submission addressed their lack of knowledge on meal exchanges versus meal swipes, stating that using meal exchanges takes away extra swipes. Pannell addressed the topic stating students get a certain number of meal exchanges per week depending on what meal plan purchased, and meal exchanges are not extra swipes. 

Student Diversity & Inclusion Council (SDIC) Representative Anthony Jackson said there will be a town hall at the end of October for students who are confused about Title IX. 

In the Presidents Report, Haleigh Pannell discussed the office hours of the various executive council members, and encouraged all students, not just those on SGA, to utilize them if they have any questions or need clarifications. The hours are posted on the door of the SGA office on the third floor of Upchurch. 

In the Executive Senators Report, Executive Senator of Senate Relations Eleanor Carr discussed the new changes the dining hall is making, such as opening a second entrance at Greens to Go. They are also in the process of getting tortillas in the dining hall and honey mustard at Farmgrill for students. 

The next SGA meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 24 at 3:45 p.m. inside of the Wilson Chamber at the Upchurch University Center. 

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