In this week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, President Josh Darst read a resolution for a new intercultural center to come to Longwood’s campus.

Darst said there are normally two readings of a resolution, but there was a motion to fast track the decision, which was passed.

The resolution stated a new long-term facility is needed to accommodate all needs in the Strategic Needs Assessment.  

Darst said the building will look to be more of a home than a rentable room and to serve as a place to show creative aspects of organizations while serving as a dedicated space for minority organizations and an incubator of ideals.

Darst added there is no set space for the building but he has held two meetings with spacial planners and is happy with current feedback.

Per Dr. Tim Pierson, vice president for Student Affairs, the project will create a lot of movement coupled with other projects currently going on around campus and it may be a year and a half before there is an idea on how these projects will better fit on campus.  

The resolution was approved by senate.

During open forum, Executive Treasurer Emily Moran recommended a member of the new senate write a proposal to present to the university about banning glitter on campus due to the litter senior pictures have caused.

Director of Landscape and Grounds, Sports Turf and Sustainability Dr. David Love said the glitter is not sustainable because it does not go away.

Senior Class President David Gills said professors should not make going to the Writing Center mandatory for students. Courtney White, president of Sports Club Council, added that she works at the Writing Center and they would like to see professors move away from making visits mandatory and changing to a recommendation basis.

Senator Sky Sweeney said he wants to begin an initiative to have email notifications sent to students when items are due at the Greenwood Library to decrease library fees.

Freshman Class Representative Payten Bovat expressed interest in extended library hours.

Darst said the extension would be a long-term project but Dean of Library Brent Roberts would be able to discuss the issue further.

Sweeney also added he would like to see more hand dryers in bathrooms around campus.

Senator Cecil Hayes II provided an update on the recycling initiative discussed in a previous meeting. According to Hayes, Farmville does not have a recycling center but the center on Longwood’s campus possesses bins he would like to place around campus.

Senator Camryn Ridpath said the Wi-Fi on campus is not where it should be as far as speed and connectivity. Per Ridpath, it is hard to persuade prospective students to attend Longwood when Wi-Fi is such a big issue and then suggested a possible shift from Shentel.

Executive Vice President Catherine Swinsky said conversations will be had about the issue.

Senator Garrett Reese reiterated that SGA meetings should be broadcast live for those who are unable to attend meetings or uncomfortable with the setting. Junior Class President Haleigh Pannell said SGA meetings beginning in the Fall 2019 semester will be live-streamed for increased transparency to the campus community.

Pannell added there will possibly be an online drop-box for students who cannot make SGA meetings to have their concerns heard and read aloud by the webmaster.

Student Diversity and Inclusion Council (SDIC) Representative Anthony Jackson said it came to his attention that not every female restroom has a trash can for feminine products.

Love said himself and Vice President for Administration and Finance Louise Waller are looking into the issue through the budget process and actions should be in place by the fall semester.

In the Fiscal Technician’s Report, Trish McGregor said requests must be submitted by the first week of June in order to fall within this fiscal year. If SGA provided funding then the amount will go to $0 on June 6.

Jack Harmon, Scott Adams, Camryn Ridpath, Laura Wilcox and Claire Lesman were nominated for the Executive Senator for Senate Relations Position.

The next SGA meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 30 at 3:45 p.m. in the Wilson Chamber located in Upchurch University Center.

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