The Student Government Association (SGA) votes to pass a resolution for Elwood's Cabinet. 

In this week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, a resolution for a clause stating the purpose and availability of Elwood’s Cabinet in all academic syllabi was read aloud by Vice President Catherine Swinsky and Sophomore Class President Payten Bovat. 

The resolution states many current students may not be aware of the services of Elwood’s Cabinet, which inhibits their ability to utilize said resources when they are food insecure.

After completion of the first reading, a motion to fast track the resolution was passed by senate, therefore opening the floor for discussion on the matter.  

Senator Ibrahim Kante asked if adding the clause of Elwood’s Cabinet to course syllabi would open the door for any and all organizations to add a clause to course syllabi about what resources they have to offer. He asked if senate should make a motion to make the option only for Elwood’s Cabinet. 

Swinsky said resources and other organizations can come to SGA meetings and propose resolutions like these.

SGA President Haleigh Pannell said she understood where Kante was coming from, but the likelihood of other organizations making a resolution such as this is highly unlikely. She pointed to a past resolution of a mental health clause in course syllabi as a similarity of what is looking to be achieved through this particular resolution. 

She said, “we want to make sure all students are aware that there is a food service that is provided by the university, by this student group, to allow for that.”

The resolution was then called to question and passed by the SGA. Now approved, the resolution will move to Faculty Senate for decision. 

In open forum, Webmaster Mason Patrick began by reading aloud questions from the new virtual open forum, found on the Longwood SGA website. 

One submission said there are concerns about the smaller size of Longwood’s Class of 2023. 

Senator Amy Maier said she works for the Office of Student Success and there have been studies the office has analyzed which say there was a decrease in birthrate as a whole for 2000 and 2001, and she believes every campus may experience this because there aren’t as many people going to college from this generation.

Another submission said there is a lack of parking for commuter students on Longwood’s campus. 

Junior Class President Jamal Allen said the parking lot behind the Health and Fitness Center was changed from residential to commuter parking and there is also a new lot behind the Longwood Landings for commuter students. 

Sports Club Council (SCC) Representative Brooke McGowan said the pool inside of Willett Hall has closed. Due to this, the Swim Club is unable to use the facility and is looking for a new space. 

She said the organization has been in touch with the local YMCA, Hampden-Sydney College and other community pools from around the area on the matter. McGowan added the price for use of the H-SC pool would be around $1,900 dollars per semester and this was something the organization did not budget for due to the timing of the closing. 

Pannell said, according to the bylaws, SCC gets their money during budgets and cannot do requests throughout the year, so if the SGA wanted to fund the money for the Swim Club to find a new location, the bylaws would have to be suspended.

She encouraged members of SGA to remain persistent in advocating for the issue. 

Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Tim Pierson, said the pool has a lot of problems and the usage rates were not high, which contributed to its closure. He said he was disappointed the university hasn’t worked out a plan on the issue and that the issue has now fallen back on the Swim Club. He however did feel it was a situation that could be resolved through persuasion to the university and SGA action. 

Pierson said himself and Director of Landscape and Grounds and Sports Turf Sustainability David Love would speak to Campus REC on the issue. 

The floor was then reopened for discussion. 

Allen said he felt the pool wasn’t advertised enough and he didn’t know about the pool until he became a Longwood Ambassador. 

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative Dana Joss also noted athletics used the Willett Pool for rehabilitation of injuries and it was a vital part to the process of recovery.

The subject then turned as Senator Jack Harmon said there is continued work on a reimbursement system for those who drop a class during the add/drop period. He said the amount given back would be in correlation with how much of the class was completed at the time of dropping. 

Senior Class President Emma Giambalvo said many of the chairs in the classrooms of CSTAC are broken, which hampers the comfort of students during classes.

Harmon said he will speak to Faculty Senate on the issue. 

In the Fiscal Technicians Report, Fiscal Technician and Administrative Assistant Trish McGregor said a Club and Organization Financial and Training course has launched on Canvas and is required for completion by treasurers of all clubs and organizations, at a minimum.  

According to McGregor, student organizations will not be able to access their agency or SGA funds until the course is complete, and cannot be recognized as an official organization until a mandatory meeting is attended, a signature of authorization is submitted, the course is completed and Lancer Link is updated by the deadline of September 30. 

In the Presidents Report, Haleigh Pannell said she, alongside Pierson, met with Longwood University President W. Taylor Reveley IV, Director of Cultural Affairs Jonathan Page and the presidents of other multicultural based organizations to hold a discussion. Pannell said this meeting will occur three times per year. 

In the Executive Senators report, Executive Senator of Senate Relations Eleanor Carr said she took on the Campus Flow initiative from last year, which will provide free feminine products in the bathrooms of academic buildings.  

She said a trial period will take place this semester and is aimed to take place in Ruffner Hall, Hiner Hall, Chichester Hall, the commuter lounge, Upchurch University Center and possibly the Dorrill Dining Hall. 

The next SGA meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 17 at 3:45 p.m. inside of the Wilson Chamber at the Upchurch University Center. 

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