President Haleigh Pannell spoke about the new policy against the use of non-biodegradable confetti. This will take effect during the 2020-21 academic year. 

In this week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, the senate approved a new club on campus called the Asian Student Involvement Association, which was created to bring more cultural diversity and awareness to Asian culture. 

There will be an interest meeting next Monday, October 7 for those interested in learning more about the new club. Anyone is welcome to come and join. 

President Haleigh Pannell and Senator Amy Maier motioned to fast-track a confetti resolution, which would be added to the student handbook for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Pannell said, “The resolution would forbid the use of non-biodegradable confetti, glitter and alike celebratory items.”

For this academic year, SGA would purchase biodegradable and water-soluble confetti and hand them out to seniors as this resolution will not go into effect until next year. Senate approved this resolution. 

In virtual open forum, Webmaster Mason Patrick brought up a concern from a student about the inconsistency in the pasta bar at the dining hall. Senator Nathan Gowdy said the dining hall is working through complications with the chefs and it will be fixed soon. 

Emma Giambalvo, senior class president, stated the senior class shirts are now available and anyone can purchase them, starting on October 2. 

In the Vice President's Report, Catherine Swinsky stated "True Balance" is now open in the dining hall. 

Swinsky said, “They will be serving food on a plate that doesn’t already have food on it, because if you put your plate past the food line that takes any contaminates that were on your plate and it can contaminate stuff on the line.”

Swinsky also said if students bring a reusable metal straw to any Aramark location, with the exception of Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks, they can receive a discount. She emphasized use of "Your Dining Voice" to let any concerns that students may have about the dining hall or food be heard. 

The next SGA meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 8 at 3:45 p.m. inside of the Wilson Chamber at the Upchurch University Center. 

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