In total, twenty-five candidates for the Democratic Primary Elections have dropped out of the race; some major names include Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren. In fact, the only two that are still going strong throughout this process is Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, but what does that mean for everyone else? What many people want to know is why did Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Warren fall out of this Presidential Race?

All three former candidates listed above have all dropped out for the same reason, lack of support. Mike Bloomberg, age seventy-eight, dropped out of the race the day after Super Tuesday because he was spurned by the voters of America. Pete Buttigieg, age thirty-eight, dropped the race after losing South Carolina to Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren, age seventy, has dropped out of the race due to the decline of support and a very poor showing on Super Tuesday. Now, while there were many people in the end who choose someone else, there were people who did vote for them, and what about them? What about the people who did support them through this? What happens to their votes?

Depending on where a person lives is what decides what will happen to the vote. In most states, everyone who voted for someone who has now dropped out will get a second chance to vote unless they voted early, all early votes are final. For instance, in the state of Michigan, voters get a second chance if their candidate they selected at the first vote drops out. However, there are some states, who are not allowing a second voting chance, such as Virginia and North Carolina, the votes in these states are final. Now, people still free to vote for these candidates that have dropped out, but nothing much happens to the votes. It takes at least fifteen-percent of the voters in one state for one candidate that has dropped out to be reconsidered. In the end though, it is up to the candidate on whether they will accept the state’s votes or not. Now, what if they don’t get this chance? What are people such as Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Warren doing now?

As many people are aware, Bloomberg and Buttigieg have offered their full support and endorsements to Joe Biden, and as for Elizabeth Warren, she is still on the fence of who she will endorse, if anyone. Bernie Sanders has asked Warren and her supporters for his support, but she has yet to come to a decision. Bloomberg himself has stated, “Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump — because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult." With that being said, Bloomberg has announced his bid and placed his endorsements with Joe Biden. As for Buttigieg, he is likely to be put in the mix for the position of second-in-command, he has also been encouraged to run for Senate, representing Indiana, in 2024. Buttigieg has also been encouraged by many people to consider running for President once again in 2024. Buttigieg has also made his bid and offered his endorsements for Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren has asked for space in order to make her decision on whether she will support Biden or Sanders. Warren has also made it clear that she is not thinking about running for Vice President for 2020, she is perfectly content with the title of Senator.

There is still so much we are not aware of when it comes to this election, but what we are aware of is the Presidential Race has always been unpredictable. While we have had many candidates drop the race, there are still two strong competitors looking for a shot at representing the Democratic Party to face off against President Donald Trump. The time is slowly winding down on the elections on who will represent the country for the next four years, so start looking more into it because before anyone knows it, we will have our President for 2020.

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