Longwood junior forward Jason Pimentel has been reinstated and played tonight for the first time since being suspended indefinitely on Nov. 6.

Pimentel was arrested in November and charged with sexual battery, a class one misdemeanor and later released on bond.

He has since sat out the first 25 games of the Lancer’s season.

In a Feb. 2 hearing, it was concluded that Pimentel was guilty of sexual battery before he later appealed the indictment to circuit court.

Pimentel had been traveling, practicing and participating in team activities since winter break.

Following the appeal, Longwood athletics told The Rotunda Pimentel's status had not changed. And it did not change until now. Citing the 25-game suspension as "appropriate", in a press release from Longwood Athletics, Head basketball coach Jayson Gee commented on Pimentel's re-installation. "Jason has gone through the university's disciplinary process and met his obligations under the student code of conduct, and he has now sat out three months of his junior season," said Gee.

He added, "All along, I have evaluated whether he has taken ownership of this matter, understood its seriousness, and learned from it."

In Pimentel's first game ever in a Lancer uniform he picked up six points while curating five rebounds.

Pimentel's court date is set for April 21 in Farmville Circuit Court.

Follow The Rotunda over the next week as we reach for comment on the situation from Longwood Director of Athletics, Troy Austin, and others in the Longwood Community.


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