Oktoberfest One

Students making their way through the number of booths up for the annual Oktoberfest celebration. 

 It’s that time of year again in Farmville. The warm aroma of fried Oreos and funnel cakes doused in powdered sugar elevated the crisp feeling of fall that finally permeated the air at this year’s ‘Farmchella’ themed Oktoberfest on October 5th.

 Whether they wanted to see the musical acts or visit with friends and family, everyone from students and faculty to local residents of Farmville gathered together for the annual event.

 One of the main attractions that draws people in year after year is the numerous booths that the vast majority of on campus clubs and organizations set up with a variety of items for purchase.

 From painted records and bright patterned scrunchies to festival food and drinks like burgers and fruit punch, every organization made their mark when it came time to decide what kind of items to sell for one of Longwood’s biggest events of the year.

 Some of Longwood’s sororities sold ornamental items like painted canvases while fraternities sold festival food and allowed people to pie a brother in the face for a dollar.

 Natalie Wood, a member of Greek life, was in charge of both planning her sorority’s banner and organizing the items to sell.

 She stated, “My sorority sold painted tiles and coasters. We sell these items every semester at our booths. The money earned will then become sorority money and be put towards other sorority events in the future.”

 Like a lot of Oktoberfest banners, her sorority’s banner centered around the beloved 'Farmchella' theme with a cheering crowd throwing their hands up with various shades of dark and light pink to create a sunset as the background.

 When asked about how long it took to figure out the details of painting the banner, Wood said, “It took a few days to plan out the banner and took a week to paint.”

 With Greek life being such a large and positive presence at Longwood University, Oktoberfest is among one of the many opportunities for different sororities and fraternities to promote themselves in addition to promoting their fellow Lancers to go Greek.

 Wood further mentioned, “Events like Oktoberfest help bring the community together. Because of this, our sorority is able to get more out there and have people check out our booths while having an interest in Greek life. These events are very important to the FSL community here at Longwood showing that Greek life can be very involved which is a great plus to getting that college experience.” 

 Other organizations used this festival as a chance to enjoy fall fun with some of their fellow club members as well as spread awareness of what their organizations are all about.

 Odyssey at Longwood, a group that writes articles for social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, reflected what their group believes in with the items they sold.

 The president of Odyssey at Longwood, Abby Johnson, said, “We collected donations for the Prince Edward animal shelter this year, so we’re trying to spread awareness. We sold hot chocolate jars. Those sold really well last year, so we did them again. The new thing we sold this year were tie dye scrunchies, and they sold like hot cakes. We also sold homemade dog treats to go along with the Prince Edward shelter.”

 Odyssey at Longwood’s banner was tie dyed in orange, yellow and pink tones and presented a black tree with branches containing pictures of online articles that several members wrote.

 Emily Kratzer, an event coordinator for Odyssey at Longwood, said, “So it was tie dyed last weekend and then we painted it. The painting only took maybe an hour.”

 Since the tie dye scrunchies were the highlight of their booth, members of Odyssey at Longwood jokingly acknowledged the fact that they promoted a recent social media trend which helped them spread the word about who they are as a club.

 Johnson also stated, “I think that it really gets our name out there because of what we’re selling, especially with the whole VSCO trend and because of our banner, so I think it brings people together.”

 Events like Oktoberfest allow all Longwood students to come together as Lancers and that was exactly the scene from this past Saturday. 

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