With seminar a variety of interesting speakers to talk about various Civil War topics, the 21st annual free Civil War Seminar was held at Longwood University’s Jarman Auditorium. 

One of those speakers was Dr. Jonathan W. White, a professor of American Studies at Christopher Newport University. 

This was his first time attending this seminar, he spoke about the dreams that people who fought in the civil war had while away from their friends and family. “Most people don't think about this aspect of the Civil War and I think it humanizes the people of that generation in a way that other things don’t,” said White. 

Diane Lanieve was an attendee at this seminar. She attended this seminar because she enjoys reading and is very interested in the Civil War. Her favorite section was White’s, “because to me it connects us today, who have the same dreams when we are separated from our loved ones.” 

Each speaker talked about a different aspect of the Civil War and why this was an important topic to understand and realize. Some other topics spoken about were the prisons during the Civil War,  Lincoln’s decision in winning the war, and the Civil War Records and Treasures. 

Appomattox Courthouse Historical Park, Eastern National Bookstore, The Department of History, Political Science & Philosophy, and the Center for Southside Virginia History were the sponsors for this event.  

The Civil War Seminar is held every year the first week in February at Longwood University in the Jarman Auditorium.  

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