Isabella Corbo

Throughout my time at Longwood, I have been a part of several different organizations. By far, The Rotunda has been one of my favorite. Though I have only been in the organization for a short time, saying goodbye is hard.

My fellow staff members have taught me so much, especially the copy staff. I have learned so much in my short time on staff that it amazes me. In this organization I have been able to push myself to become a better editor and a better writer in my classes. 

The Rotunda has helped me to become more open minded and creative. This organization has given me tools that I can use both in and outside of the classroom. Because of this, I think I will be able to succeed in anything I do after graduation. 

As an English major, I have many options in the career field. My hope is that I will become either an editor for a publication firm or a paralegal. I know that with either job I will be able to apply these new tools in my work.

I want to thank everyone on staff at The Rotunda that has given me this amazing opportunity. Without this organization I do not think I would feel the same way about my future as I do now.

I look forward to my remaining time in this organization and I wish nothing but the best for my fellow Rotunda'ers and their future endeavors!

Thank you for everything.

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Annabelle Corwin

Your interest in becoming an editor has astonished me. You have been working hard to be an editor one day. Your proficiency in the English subject is amazing I read your article at and creativeness will help you in beckoming a good editor one day.


After working in organizations; we can learn so many skills that help for yourself career later // thay pin đồng hồ Omega


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