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Greenwood Library had activities set up in the lobby for students to doing during the week of Valentine's Day. The activities included a what do you love most about your library sticky note station.

When most people think of the month of February, they think of red and pink heart decorations adorning every other room and sugary, heart-melting Hallmark cards to give to a loved one. People also tend to make the assumption that Valentine’s Day can only be celebrated by couples who have love for their significant others, which is not the case here at Longwood University.  Students at Longwood had the chance to show some of their Valentine’s Day love on campus this past week.   

During the week of Valentine’s Day, February 9th-15th, Greenwood Library celebrated Love Your Library Month, which also happens to be in February; the staff had three special activities revolving around the typical Valentine’s Day festivities mixed with love for the library. Students could write a love post-it note to the library, create a Valentine’s Day card, or go on a blind date with a book.

When asked how the Love Your Library celebration event got started, Vicki Palmer, the Marketing and Outreach Librarian of Greenwood Library, stated, “So I started the event in January or February of 2014. We started by doing the post-it notes about what people loved about the library and putting them up and spelling ‘love’ on the windows. I usually leave the post-its up for a week before I take them down.”

As the years have gone by, the library has added a couple more activities for students to show their love for the library in a new variety of ways. Greenwood had crayons, markers and construction paper set out for students to design their own valentine cards to give to their loved ones, a well-known popular tradition for this holiday that was added to the Love Your Library activities last year.

In addition to making your own Valentine cards and library-loving post-it notes, the most unique activity that Greenwood offered involved going on a blind date with a book. The way the activity works is there are books set out wrapped up in paper with a quote and a couple words describing a hint of what the book is. Students could pick out a book, check it out from the library, and then decide whether or not they love the book that they chose, hence the blind date aspect of it all. The Love Your Library celebration also had a raffle with a prize that is yet to be determined.

Since the Greenwood Library is a common, fundamental part of Longwood’s campus, it can be easy to take something valuable for granted when it has always been there. However, the dedication that the Greenwood Library staff gives to the students cannot go unnoticed.  

Palmer also said, “I think this event helps since reading over the post-it notes can be encouraging because staff and student workers can feel important. It’s kind of fun to see what [the students] really do love about the library. Every year, we have had enough post-it notes filled out to spell the word ‘love’ in giant letters; enough supplies have gone quickly. I started with 400 stickers [for decorating Valentine cards], and now they’re pretty much all gone.”

After all, if it weren’t for the Greenwood Library, Longwood students would not have a completely quiet place to study for their upcoming quizzes and exams. Without the online databases and vast collection of books, students would have a far more difficult time getting research papers accomplished as well.

Thankfully, the Greenwood Library staff always helps students and faculty on campus in any way they can. In fact, different members of the Greenwood Library Staff are located down on the second floor of the Upchurch University Center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 12-2PM for the purpose of helping students with research.

The Love Your Library Month celebration helps students give back to the library by participating in the creative activities they set out year after year, so remember that Valentine’s Day means love can be given to anyone.

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