Spring Weekend 2019

Spring Weekend has been a staple of Longwood’s history for many years and is a way for students to support organizations on campus and have fun, but not many people know what must happen behind the scenes for Spring Weekend to come to life.

The Vice President of Administration, Breanna Smith is one of the four committee members in Lancer Productions who plans Spring Weekend and had some insight to share on how Spring Weekend comes to be.

Smith said that one aspect that must be taken into consideration to make Spring Weekend a reality is money. “Money is a really big part of it because once you start picking people... money had to get moved from other stages.” As the VP of Administration, she handles money in the committee and says that their budget this year is around 45-50k.

Lancer Productions isn’t the only group that helps plan Spring Weekend. Smith says, “there is the person that tells us how much everyone costs... they have to go through and contact these people’s managers ... and figure out how much every single one of these people costs.” 

In order for Spring Weekend to function properly, the committee starts planning in early October. “At Oktoberfest at our booth we have iPads where people can recommend artists they want so that’s the beginning of it.” Once they collect that information from students, then they start the process of working with their outside hire to find and book a band.

Finding a band to perform as the headline of Spring Weekend and Lancer Productions must look through hundreds of requests made by students for who they want to perform with Smith saying, “We had to organize all the artists by genre... finding time throughout your week to listen to all those people and put them in a list.”

Lancer Productions also works with organizations on campus to create a fun experience for all students and allow them to table during Spring Weekend. “Making sure that students are gonna be able to get around to everything… some organizations like the computer science group, smash computers, so setting up where the booths are gonna be to make sure that people are in the areas they need to be,” Smith says is key to making sure Spring Weekend runs smoothly.

Spring Weekend would not be what it is today without the hard work, deliberation, and passion that Lancer Productions puts into this event. While most people know Spring Weekend as a fun break in the spring semester, most people don’t know what goes into creating such a historic event.

Luckily for students, we will hopefully return to a ‘normal’ Spring Weekend once again.  Lancer Productions are planning to have an in-person concert once again for the first time in two years

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