The newly elected Student Government Association President Haley Vest found time in her busy schedule to sit down with The Rotunda and discuss her time here at Longwood, her passions, her hopes for the future and the ideas she has for the SGA.

Vest is a rising senior Biology Major with a concentration in Pre-Health; she is also a member of Beta Beta Beta, the Biology Honors Fraternity, and tutors the subject for the Learning Center. She has been a member of Delta Zeta sorority and the former Executive Senator for the SGA. She will be a new member of the Camerata Singers come fall, and will keep her job as an Eco Representative at the Office of Sustainability. Vest pretty much does it all while maintaining her place in the Cormier Honors College.

When asked how she manages her time so well and is able to keep her grades up she said, “I don’t sleep.” After saying this she laughed and said, “You just can’t procrastinate.” She also spends a lot of time in Janet D. Greenwood Library during her “awkward gaps in between classes and meetings.”

“I heavily use my planner; that’s pretty much my lifeline. I actually have no idea what I am doing with my life without it,” she said. She tends to start her assignments early because most of her meetings are at night, and she does eventually need to try and get some sleep when she gets home. She gave a tip to all students who struggle with juggling everything they are involved in: “Try to find a time management strategy that works for you.” Essentially, Vest believes it does not have to work for anyone else but yourself. Vest has huge plans for the SGA during her term in office. She plans on bringing a sort of office boot camp to campus. This would be a workshop where organizations who are struggling with leadership transitions would be able to learn some of the dos and don’ts from SGA officers.

Another huge thing Vest wants to do is make sure the student body is aware of all the things the SGA can do for them. “SGA is a resource,” she said. Her number one priority during her term is and will be the SGA. Vest will be able to use all her experiences over the past four years to be able to have a smooth transition from former SGA President Donald Knight.

“I think there are a lot of transferable skills that you learn from being in an organization, whether it comes from just teamwork, learning how to work with other people is huge,” she used her experience as a Peer Mentor and her other leadership roles to become more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. Vest has high hopes for the future. She wants to use her biology degree to get into medical school, and if that plan does not work out, she plans to join the Peace Corps. Doctors without Borders is another dream of hers, for she would love to help “underserved populations, be it abroad or here.” The newly elected SGA President who would like to send a “huge shout out to Brandon Kelly and Steve Sommer, who really helped me with campaigning on Facebook, who pretty much made me the most annoying person on social media for a week,” has been shadowing outgoing President Knight ever since she decided she wanted to run. She has really grown to love the SGA. “You go into SGA, where you are sitting at a table with 40 odd people who all come from different backgrounds, different places, different majors; they’re from different organizations, who are all working together. So literally every meeting I would learn something new,” she said. Vest is slowly learning how to lead the team, and she is anxious to take office. She wants to thank her parents and everyone who voted for her.


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