Winter Roundup

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Stumbling upon 90 degree weather in the middle of October, tube tops, biker shorts, and sandals seem to be the trend for this ongoing summer, however, it won’t be for long.

That’s right, as winter approaches, the frigid unbearable temperatures with a clash of dark evenings doesn’t necessarily mean a compromised style. From knitwear to outerwear, to boots, this will be a roundup of pieces to carry you into the cooler months.

From the runways to your closet, this will be a guide on finding the latest, yet must-have trends that will unexpectedly not break your bank.

With the recent appearance of New York fashion week, fashion has swiftly maneuvered into adapting to what stepping outside the box means.

According to Marie, “for New York fashion week autumn/winter ‘19/’20, it was all about elegance, simplicity and being yourself. Designers toyed with length, color, and texture, subverting traditional shapes into something a little more interesting.”

Now, with the intention of adhering to fashion trends this upcoming winter, you may have a few new items to add to your wardrobe. However, you may already own a few of these items.

Collectively considered the statement item for winter, knitwear is a vital essential. Consistently evolving into the fashion industry, the constant reappearance of knitwear is certainly nothing new. Ranging from neutral and or colorful turtlenecks to knit dresses, there's a variety of knits to choose from, it just depends on how you style them.

Although knitwear is an essential style statement piece, it’s surely not the only one. Fresh and exiting off the runway, is the reappearance of puffer coats. These revived padded quilted coats are certainly a force to be reckoned with as they go with any and everything.

Another outerwear piece that continuously makes the cut are leather jackets. This clothing piece resurfaces every year as they remain a never-ending trend, yet, both items represent an easy solution for getting away with wearing something effortless.

Aside from that, boots remain a staple piece for the cold weather, but more specifically thigh-high boots.

Glamour Magazine attested, “whether they're leather or suede, flat-soled or with block heels, not only are thigh-high boots surprisingly wearable, but they're well on their way to becoming cold-weather wardrobe staples. Pull them on over skinny jeans or leggings, style them with a midi skirt that falls below the top of the boot.”

Needless to say, these frequent and necessary trends are just right for the upcoming winter season, as mastering style pieces can be a costly task. That being said, gathered are a few stores that cater to your vital winter accessories and wallets, including American Eagle, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Zara to name a few.

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