What to expect this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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During one of America’s most prominent and well-celebrated shopping holidays, the quarantine life has given countless individuals the opportunity to indulge in these annual traditions occurring this month.

That’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. Yet, some retailers have started the process early, with sales beginning in October and continuing throughout late November. These retailers include big-name corporations such as Walmart, Target and Amazon.

According to the Washington Post, “Most large retailers are going dark on Thanksgiving Day, reversing a years-long tradition of kicking off the holiday shopping season with a rush of 'doorbuster' deals. It’s part of a larger reimagining of the retail experience because of the pandemic, one designed to accommodate social distancing and new safety protocols, and minimize long lines, crowded malls and repeat shopping trips.”

Though this year’s celebration will be unusual, the pandemic is expected to continue to reshape the physical and virtual shopping experience, especially during the biggest shopping season of the year. That said, this will alter the norm for this highly anticipated event.

“The stampede mentality of the past, with doorbusters sales and Black Friday deals every weekend, is being replaced by earlier, season-long discounts,” said James Zahn, senior editor of the Toy Insider, via the Post. “We’re in a health crisis, so retailers are having to rethink how they get products into families’ hands.”

While retailers and brands are transferring their old methods into this new normal, traction and demand will likely be at an all-time high as securing the best deals is a primary objective for many consumers right now. Also, retailers are beginning to adhere to the financial concerns of consumers by opting in for extremely discounted items and free shipping. That said, this gives people the chance to revamp their wardrobe and ultimately treat themselves during an unpredictable 2020, and perhaps on a budget.

With that in mind, don’t miss out on the celebration from Friday, November 27 to Cyber Monday, November 30.

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