Chixtape 5 album cover

Photo Courtesy of  Interscope Records and Mad Love Records.

"Chixtape 5" is the latest album from Canadian hip-hop/R&B artist Tory Lanez. Lanez is a popular artist in the industry, collaborating with artists such as Rich the Kid, Meek Mill and Joyner Lucas.

Lanez has released an abundance of music, including 17 mixtapes and three studio albums. His last studio album “Love Me Now?” received mixed reviews from critics and his growing fanbase. Now “Chixtape 5” continues one of his mixtape series.

Lanez takes a classic approach by mixing his style with classic 2000 R&B hits. Artists such as Chris Brown, T-Pain, and Ludacris join him on this tape to give it some backup. Lanez starts the mixtape with “The Trade” which features Jagged Edge and Jermaine Dupri.

“The Trade” sounds similar to an old school R&B song with Lanez providing interesting vocals. He gives a decent performance while meshing well with the beat.

Where the song shines is when Lanez and Jagged Edge are singing together, which enhances the song. Jermaine Dupri gives a decent performance; however it did not add anything to the track at all.“The Trade” is a good intro and it sets the tone for the rest of the mixtape.

“Jerry Sprunger” samples the 2005 hit “I’m Sprung” by T-Pain. Lanez and T-Pain provide amazing performances on the track with impressive vocals. However, issues occur when they give separate verses.Lanez and T-Pain sound very similar, so it becomes redundant when hearing them sing alone.

“Beauty in the Benz” features an amazing old school hip-hop beat with Lanez giving a decent vocal performance. He gives his description of the new girl Leah, who is one of the main characters in skits on the mixtape.

Snoop Dogg gives a mediocre verse on the song which is disappointing since Lanez samples his song “Beautiful.”

“The Take” samples Chris Brown’s 2007 track “Take You Down” and the chemistry between the two artists is very impressive. The two artists explain their sexual desires.

Brown gives an amazing performance with his solo verse and his harmonization with Lanez. Lanez also excels on the track with his interesting voice and witty flow.

“The Fargo Splash” pays homage to Ludacris’ single “Splash Waterfalls.” Lanez does a good job of meshing with the tone of the song while talking about him catching feelings for a girl.

Ludacris comes in and delivers a decent verse, matching the intensity of Lanez. Ludacris and Lanez are a decent duo in this song and they should continue to make more music together.

“Luv Ya Gyal//Love Sounds” is a beautiful sounding track that features R&B legend The-Dream. Lanez provides an amazing performance on the track with his transcendent vocals.

The-Dream provides backup vocals for the song, which creates a cushion for Lanez. The beat switch enhances the song more with Lanez changing his flow.

Overall “Chixtape 5” delivers on all aspects, bringing nostalgia back into the R&B industry. Torey Lanez does a good job of combining rap and singing during his performances.

The skits also enhance the album by providing a story during this lengthy mixtape. However, the album can become a bit repetitive with certain beat selections on the mixtape. 4/5

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