The future of fashion thrives in tech

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Within these past few months, the state of fashion has revealed itself to be an evolving industry that knows how to keep their audience digitally in tune and intrigued. Strikingly, this industry has introduced a new way to visualize designs and measurements in a three-dimensional model.

The future of fashion is here. With the presence of COVID-19 appearing amid New York Fashion Week, various fashion designers were bombarded with the concern of how to showcase new designs and further display the fit of measurement.

That said, fashion label Hanifa's founder Anifa Mvuemba initiated the first virtual 3D fashion show. Yet, unlike most fashion shows where exclusive entry is needed, this high-tech show was accessible to any and everyone with a cellular device as it was streamed over Instagram Live. In doing so, the show pieced together six garments from the brand's Pink Label Congo collection in a quite captivating way.

According to, “Each garment appeared in 3D against a black backdrop, as if worn by invisible models strutting across a catwalk, the garment hugging every curve. Tens of thousands of Hanifa’s quarter of a million followers tuned in. The high-tech show was just the most recent manifestation of Mvuemba’s push to chart her path in the fashion industry.”

Thereafter, this has allowed fashion tech companies such as Bigthinx to emerge as a house innovator of the growing industry.

According to, “Bigthinx B2B business model plugs into retailers’ e-commerce sites so shoppers can explore a range of garment sizes on their avatar before purchasing. According to Forbes, this is pivotal in solving the problem of high return-rates from online shopping and reducing the likelihood of shoppers buying a product in multiple sizes, where returns are inevitable.”

Ultimately, this animated version of fashion is a timeless innovation that has brought a new perspective on how the industry is viewed.

“By digitizing the human body with data on anatomy, shape, clothing size, fit and drape, Bigthingx enables brands to personalize shopping and envision designs,” via

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