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Sir Darryl Farris, commonly known as SiR, is a R&B artist, song writer and producer from Inglewood, California. He recently released "Chasing Summer" which is his third studio album and it follows his last from 2018; “November.”

When talking about this album, SiR mentions how it represents the freedom that summer provides. He talks about how “the overall theme for this album is being able to live how you live”. This is shown with the intro song to his album “Hair Down”.

“Hair Down” is a track that talks about how SiR and Kendrick differ in hairstyles. The beat on this song introduces a laid-back R&B beat with subtle guitar riffs in the background. SiR delivers an impressive vocal performance that matches the tone on the song and provides some introspective lyrics. Then, Kendrick Lamar comes in and provides an excellent verse by changing his voice and providing some incredible flows.

“LA Lisa” is a song about SiR and Smino’s description of a girl from their hometown. The beat is very soulful, with hints of psychedelic guitar and soft drums. SiR opens by mentioning how “You grew up on queen street / Hangin’ with the players got caught in the game". The second verse includes Smino and SiR harmonizing while Smino gives a description of his girl. Smino and SiR sound great together and should definitely continue to collaborate.

“Fire” is similar to “LA Lisa”; SiR describes how he's going to pleasure a woman. While he is very descriptive in this song, the beat kind of tones it down with smooth R&B and some hints of guitar. This song is not SiR’s best performance, but its easy to see it on the airwaves.

“Lucy’s Love” pays homage to the CBS sitcom “I Love Lucy”. SiR talks about a couple’s adventure in their relationship. “Lucy’s Love” is the first collaboration between SiR and Lil Wayne and it sounds decent at best. Wayne didn’t sound good, especially when he uses auto tune. It almost makes the song hard to get through because of his verse. SiR does a good job mixing his voice with the beat and describing the couple's relationship.

“That's Why I Love You” tells the story about a couple that only participates in a sexual relationship. They try to get more out of the relationship during the song, but they never get to that point. SiR and Sabrina Claudio deliver good performances and they work together well with this old school R&B beat. Sabrina is a nice surprise, with her different type of voice fitting well on this track.

The album concludes with "LA" where SiR describes his experiences in Los Angeles. This is without a doubt the best song on this album. The beat brings elements of LA with an upbeat tone. SiR paints the picture of his LA experience and the piano solo at the end that rounds off the song nicely.

SiR has a bright future, however, there are a couple of things that miss the mark on this album. Having more energetic songs would help, and while most of the songs here are good, there are moments where the album drags. SiR also needs to change up his subject matter more, as most of the album is about relationships. Overall, SiR delivers with "Chasing Summer". His ear for music and lyricism makes the album a decent listen. 3.5/5

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