Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, and David Dawson in My Policeman

The film My Policeman is a heartbreaking, while also heartwarming, story of a forbidden love that takes place in Great Britain in the 1950’s. Which was at a time when conservative ideals took even more of a precedence over the things that could be considered humane. Along with that, during the film there are multiple transitions between time periods, by showing the characters when they were younger, and when they have grown older. And the characters dealing with the torment of the difficult situations at hand. 

The story goes along with the backstory of the lives of the three main characters: policeman Tom (HarryStyles), teacher Marion (Emma Corrin), and museum curator Patrick (David Dawson), who all end up insomewhat of a love triangle. But within that love triangle, there is always one who is unknowingly left inthe dark. Throughout the film, the story brings the audience along majorly with the lead female character, 

Marion, during a time of reminiscing. While she also is accepting the fact that her husband, Tom, had beendeceiving her, and himself, since the beginning of their relationship. 

While the storyline and plot moved slowly, and felt like it was dragging many times, I couldn’t seem to stopwatching. Throughout the duration of the film, the audience is left with slight confusion, and the feelingof tension to see how the story was going to pan out between the characters Tom and Patrick, regardlessof the stage of life they were in. 

After watching, I would say that the most prominent themes would be the acts of homophobia in society,along with forbidden love, and wasted time. Throughout, there are a few acts of hate crimes and violencetowards men who identify as homosexual. Which then are also used to put more things at stake, adding another level of suspense. As for the aspect of feeling like time was being wasted, the film was ableto effectively demonstrate that in a few ways. One of those ways being the amount of silence that wasutilized, especially closer to the end, because it allowed the expressions and emotions of the characterscarry the film to its conclusion. 

Lastly, I would have to say that I think that this film definitely did a great job at demonstrating and telling the story, of a closeted homosexual relationship in times where it was illegal, while also showing the difficulties in such a cinematic and beautiful way. I commend the production crew on this film because visually The Policeman was spectacular, and they were able to set the tone of the film from the get go just by how each scene was delivered on camera. But, after watching, I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5, and would also suggest that everyone who is looking for a timeless, romantic drama, make the time to watch it.

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