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“Eternal Atake” is the sophomore from Lil Uzi vert who has collaborated with artists such as Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, and Migos. Lil Uzi debut album “Luv is Rage 2” received mixed reviews, however, it did provide some top hits for Uzi. 

Uzi then went on a hiatus with the artist having problems with his record company. This led Uzi to release New Patek two years after his debut album. Now he releases his “Eternal Atake” to remind his fans and critics that he is one of the top artists of this generation.

“Baby Pluto” starts the album with braggadocios flows from Uzi. The production starts slow then it turns into a melodic trap beat. Uzi does a good job of flowing on the track with his monotone delivery. “Baby Pluto” is a great opening track to the album and is leads perfectly into “Lo Mein”.

“Lo Mein” provides a similar vibe with Uzi talking about his riches and women. Production-wise this track provides an atmospheric vibe with an impressive trap beat. Uzi delivers a decent performance with his versatile flow. However, the subject matter did not change from his previous song.

“Silly Watch” discusses designer watches and material wealth. Uzi raps over darker production with his methodical flow and witty lyrics. Uzi this time around delivers a subpar performance especially when he decides to rap offbeat. The production is decent with a nice piano riff and a resounding trap beat. 

“POP” talks about how Uzi is having intercourse with women while she is wearing designer materials. Uzi delivers a subpar performance with his lazy flow and delivery. Production-wise this track lacks the creativity from the previous tracks. “POP” seems rushed and honestly could have been a bonus track for the album. 

“Homecoming” is a bass-heavy track with Uzi discussing about a girl named Nicki. Uzi delivers a good performance by rapping with his aggressive flow and witty delivery. Uzi also does a good job of matching the energy of the song. “Homecoming” also ends the Baby Pluto section of the album which talks about his riches and women. 

“I’m Sorry” starts the Renji side of his album which is melodic and comforting. Uzi delivers an apology to his previous lovers. The production sounds very different this time around, instead of the hard-hitting trap beats the beat sounds more melodic and atmospheric. Uzi sounds good over this production with his melodic flow and subtle delivery.

“Celebration Station” is another braggadocio song from Uzi where he mentions his cars and jewelry. The production delivers a nice trap with hints of pop and electronic music. Uzi delivers a decent performance with his impressive vocals and versatile flow. 

“Futsal Shuffle 2020” is a bonus track on the album and is one of the singles that Uzi released before coming out with “Eternal Atake”. Uzi delivers a nice performance with some decent vocals and flows. “Futsal Shuffle 2020” is a nice single and it is a nice breather from the other songs on the album. 

Overall “Eternal Atake” is a nice sophomore album from Lil Uzi Vert. The improvements in his production and vocals are very noticeable especially during the Renji section of the album. The only time when album drops is during the Baby Pluto section. The album becomes very repetitive and hard to listen to.


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