H&M taps into people and polls

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Teetering upon this year’s presidential election, tensions rise as the United States gears up for one of its most anticipated, yet controversial political battles. However, the first step of the battle has yet to be won, which is to motivate citizens to register to vote.

As Tuesday, September 22 is considered National Voter Registration Day, many familiar fashion brands have surfaced campaigns around this national holiday. Brands such as Levi’s, Naturalizer and American Eagle, to name a few, have remained a progressive change-maker in fashion and in the realm of politics.

Following in those footsteps is a clothing brand that has recently rolled out a campaign of their own in efforts to encourage voter registration coincidentally just in time for the election cycle. In particular, the Generation Z-targeted fashion brand, H&M, has joined the pool of corporations to push their consumers to the polls.

This past week, H&M USA put their money where their mouth is to launch a special limited-edition collection titled H&M Votes x Blanks Artist Collab, featuring the works from a variety of notable creators and artists. According to the brand’s website, hm.com, they tapped into artists Baron von Fancy, Gunner Stahl, Joshua Vides, Sheila Rashid, Greg Mike, Sophia Chang and one of H&M’s employees, Treyvonne Deveaux.

“The artwork pays homage to the hometowns of the artists and highlights the importance of the local communities around the country where the collaborators, customers and employees live and work.”

This forward-thinking streetwear collection is now available in select H&M stores across the states and online at hm.com. Per their website, “The limited-edition capsule underlines the importance of “using your voice for change” and encourages customers to exercise their right to vote this fall.”

And while the last day of voting in the 2020 presidential election is not until November 3, voter registration, absentee ballot and early voting deadlines are coming up soon in over a dozen states, including Virginia.

Key Dates for Virginia:

Registration deadlines

Online: Oct. 13

By mail: Postmarked by Oct. 13

In person: Oct. 13

Absentee ballot deadlines

Request: Oct. 23

Return by mail: Postmarked by Nov. 3

Return in person: Nov. 3 by 7:00 p.m.

Early voting deadlines

Sep. 18 - Oct. 31 (dates and hours may vary depending on locality)

As the presidential election comes around, voters will trickle down who to mark, yet in order to do that certain documents will be needed. Prior to showing up to the polls, you, as the intended voter, need to assure that an acceptable form of ID is on hand, such as a Virginia driver’s license, DMV-issued photo ID, birth certificate and/or other forms of self-represented documents.

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