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Known for its unique take on all things cosmetic, the fresh handmade cosmetics brand Lush is nowhere near shy of making its products the center of attention or love. In light of Valentine's Day, Lush Cosmetics just released its Valentine's Day collection of returning favorites and some new additions that are displayed within bath bombs, shower gels and massage bars.

“This past year has been quite a challenge for everyone. We had to learn to adapt, to let go and to make self-care a priority—but through it all, 2020 taught us about love. To love and appreciate the people who save lives and help our communities. It also taught us to love from a distance and show that we care even if we're not physically close,” via

In doing so, the Lush 2021 Valentine's Day collection encompasses its iconic vegan bath bomb Love Boat, that consists of a citrusy blend of lemons and organic sweet oranges. Alongside it is another returned favorite, Tisty Toasty, which is a heart-shaped scented rosebud and precious orris root. However, its new additions are nothing short of ordinary. The collection has unveiled a limited-edition bath collection featuring a reusable bubble blower, Blow Me A Kiss, as well as a Rose Argan massage bar and a Rose Jam bubbleroon to name a few.

And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time to indulge in 3.2-7 ounce-sized Lush-ish goodies for a friend, significant other and/or yourself. The collection ranges from $5-$15 and is currently available in-store and online at

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