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We all have a favorite food, whether it was something from home or something you ordered at a restaurant, but have you ever thought about what the most delectable treats are from around the globe? Let's take a trip around the world and try some of the top dishes in a variety of countries.

The first stop is right here in the USA, most people have tried this dish and over the years, it has become a fan favorite, the classic American cheeseburger.

Everyone already knows the ingredients of a cheeseburger, but did you know its origin? Back in 1926, a man by the name of Lionel Sternberger, age 16, was working in his father's sandwich shop called "The Rite Spot" in California when he decided to experimentally slap a piece of American cheese onto a hamburger and give it to a customer for tasting.

It hasn't been the same since. Now, it sits on a podium as one of America's top dishes.

The next stop on this journey around the world is in England. You may have tried this dish before, but unless you're from the country, you haven't tried Bangers and Mash.

The dish can be translated into sausages and mashed potatoes; however, they do make it differently. The American sausage comes from just pig, but in Great Britain, the sausage comes from a variety of meats including lamb, pig, or beef.  This dish is often served with onion gravy or with peas on the side.

Where would we be without a little pasta in our lives? This next dish is quite simple to make, but can spark such a strong flavor.  This next dish is called Käsespätzle from Germany.

Käsespätzle is a dish made with pasta, butter, cheese and onions. While this seems very simple, the German culture takes this dish as one of the best appetizers in their country and if you are not careful, it will fill you up before you get the main course.

Another classic appetizer, hailing from the Country of Ukraine, is Borscht. It's a beet soup mixed with vegetables and all different kinds of meat. The best part about this dish is that you can customize it to what you wish.

Lots of people mix carrots and cabbage with the beats and beef with this dish - it seems to be one of the most popular customs. It is truly one of Ukraine's best-known appetizers.

Now, this dish may be small, but it does seem to fill one up quite fast. This next dish is called Ugali from Kenya. This battered food is described as white and doughy with a taste of popcorn. It is simply made of flour and hot water to be formed into a mass, particularly circular.

Going out east in Africa, we stop at Zimbabwe with a delicious type of sardine known as Kapenta. These sardines are quite common in Zimbabwe, they can be cooked in multiple fashions, just like any other fish. They can be boiled, fried or cut up.  These types of fish have been known to be so grand, it stands great on its own, no sides or substitutes.

What would any meal be complete without some dessert, and what better place to find a sweet-savory treat than in India. This treat is called Gulab Jamun.

One could think of it like donut holes dipped in a sugary syrup. Gulab Jamun is made with milk powder and fried in ghee. Ghee is a type of butter, not oil, the oil has been known to suck out any sweet flavoring that comes with this treat. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the treat for you!

Now, while some may like it sweet, some like it spicy! One of the hottest meals in the Asian culture is called Mapo Doufu, a dish hailing from China.

It consists of tofu set in a spicy sauce. This spicy sauce is typically a thin, oily, and bright red suspension, based on douban and douchi. Along with that, it may come with minced meat, traditionally beef. This meal is truly something that will liven up your taste buds.

Most South American dishes contain chicken, spicy, sweet, some even sour, but some of the best meals hail from Peru and Brazil.

One of Peru's top dishes is known as Ají de Gallina. Ají de Gallina is, in comparison, a chicken stew. This dish is considered comfort food in Peru. It comprises of chicken cooked with yellow chili peppers, walnuts, spices, garlic and turmeric.

The dish uses Ají Amarillo peppers, which are yellow, mildly spicy peppers. While it may appear to be spicy, this dish is known to be pretty mild and is best eaten in the wintertime when it is freezing outside.  Nothing like a nice bowl of stew to make you feel warm inside.

As mentioned earlier, Brazil is also one of the best places to enjoy some chicken. Empadão, also known as a Brazilian Chick pie, is the top dish in Brazil to use with chicken.

This savory pie is simple, healthy and most importantly delicious. A traditional and unique recipe originating in Brazil. Chicken savory pie is made from a homemade flaky dough called massa podre filled with a tasty, creamy and chunky chicken-and-vegetable filling. A true party in your mouth!

Looking at different meals from around the world broadens the horizons of food, giving simple and fun recipes that could even be made in a dorm! All savory and delicious, a real chance to go around the world in the comfort of your own home.

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