Eco-friendly alternative thrives in fashion

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In an era where being environmentally friendly in every aspect of your life is the standard, eco-friendly fashion trends have recently emerged on the scene to make a lasting impression. And if you’re ready to embark on a sustainable lifestyle, indulge in secondhand consignment shopping.

Now aside from being good for the environment, luxury consignment retail sites are the ideal way to score any brand name item of your choice.

And as of recent, secondhand designer handbags, in particular, have slowly but surely become a huge deal within the resale market. According to fashion curator and activist Yuri Carter via, “There is a huge emphasis on referencing and honoring the past right now that has shown up in fashion with secondhand buying.” Carter continued, “Consignment and resale allow [customers] to obtain a bag that is not only affordable but an elusive gem that stands out in the world of sponsored content and hype culture.”

While the perception of secondhand consignment shopping is surfaced around superficial ideals, more than a few secondhand online sites have reversed that notion.

Known as the few go-to spots that cater to high fashion designer brands at a secondhand rate include Rebag, thredUP, The Real Real and Farfetch. “With detailed breakdowns of each bag's condition and its inventory of powerhouse brands to choose from, it’s easy to see why. From Hermès to Prada and everything in between, secondhand retailers' offerings are extensive yet always in line with the trends, thanks to an assortment of curated edits,” via

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