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Dababy is one of the most popular artists in the music industry. His popular “Suge” brought in millions of streams and fans. Dababy is known for his flow and witty lyrics while picking some great beats. 

His debut release “Baby on Baby” introduced how Dababy can put together a decent album. It also showed how Dababy can mesh well with almost any artist. 

“Kirk” was his second album where Dababy got more personal by mentioning his dad in the album. Now he releases his third album “Blame It on Baby” which comes shortly after “Kirk”. 

This was unexpected but pleasing since the world is still under quarantine. 

“Can’t Stop” starts the album with a nice trap beat while Dababy flows effortlessly. Dababy talks about his current position in the rap game and his riches. Performance-wise, Dababy seems very comfortable and it is really impressive how well he flows on the track. 

“Pick Up” is one of the shorter songs on the album with Dababy talking about taking someone's girl. The performances here were decent, with Dababy having a better performance than his partner Quavo. Quavo, while decent, provides a bland verse on the track and his flow was subpar at best. 

“Lightskin Sh*t” features a dance hall trap beat while Dababy and Future are discussing the light skin females and their physical features. Dababy delivers a decent verse with his versatile flow and aggressive delivery. Future’s verse is decent with his vocals providing a nice balance with Dababy’s rapping. 

“Talk About It” discusses Dababy’s personal life and how it got him to his current position. While the subject matter is good, the execution could have been better. First off, the production sounds poorly mixed. The subtle guitar playing combined with the trap did not mesh together at all. Dababy, while decent, did not add anything to enhance the song at all. 

“Sad Shit” goes into a section where Dababy starts to sing while delivering his witty lyrics. This track focuses on Dababy’s ex-lover and how he still has feelings for her. The production is decent with hints of pop in the background. Dababy's performance is subpar, especially when he switches to singing, which sounds forced.

“Find My Way” is one of the most popular songs on the album. His music video for the song got over 10 million views on YouTube. The production is good with a nice trap beat while a Spanish guitar is playing in the background. Dababy's singing, while decent, did not add anything special to the song. 

“Rockstar” features popular Roddy Rich, as the two artists talk about how they made it to the top and the support they received from their families. Roddy and Dababy provide some chemistry on the track with Dababy rapping his decent verse while Roddy would harmonize in the background. Both performances are okay, with Roddy slightly outshining Dababy on the track. 

“Jump” discusses the recent success of the two artists Dababy and Nba Youngboy. Production-wise, the song provides a nice trap beat with the two flowing effortlessly. The chemistry between the two artists is impressive. The way they flow off of each other sounds smooth over the beat. 

“Blame It on Baby” is the title track which features some amazing production. The way the song switches beats is really good, and it meshes well with Dababy’s flow. However, the song isn't very long, so it does fall a little short.

“Nasty” features Ashanti and Megan thee Stallion discussing how they participate in their sexual pleasures. This marks the first song with Dababy going into the realm of R&B. Ashanti and Megan provide some substance to the track, but it's not enough to cover up how badly executed this song was.  

Overall, “Blame It on Baby” is a solid album by Dababy.  His flows and his witty lyrics were some of the highlights for the album. The album starts to falter when Dababy starts singing. His vocals are not the best, especially with the production he uses. Dababy can also sound repetitive, especially with his flow. While the album does sound good on some beats, 13 tracks of it can sound overwhelming.


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