Beauty influencer meets lifestyle brand to create a luxury line of candles

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Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere emerges Jackie Aina's candle, fragrance and self-care brand, FORVR Mood. Yes, the beauty influencer and content creator has tapped into the lifestyle industry to launch her latest and luxurious candle collection, Adore U.

The collection consists of four new candle scents: Heartbreaker, Champagne Wasted, Phero-Moans and Sweet Spot. According to Aina via Nylon Magazine, “With every single candle, I have to feel something in order for me to come up with a name for it first. So if I smell a candle and it makes me want to go shopping, [or] makes me want to take a bubble bath or reminds me of champagne, then I’ll name it accordingly."

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time to indulge in this 10-ounce sized fragrance for a friend, significant other and/or yourself—strictly for anyone. "I wanted a collection that didn’t just speak to the couples during the month of February because I feel like we get so enamored by being boo’d up and coupled up around Valentine’s Day. That’s not everybody’s story right now and I still think there are a place and a voice for people who want feel-good products, but may not necessarily be in a relationship,” said Aina via Nylon Magazine.

The collection ranges from $35-$130 and is currently available for purchase at

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