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In the community of YouTube, there stands two big icons with huge followings. Those people would be, KSI and Logan Paul who have a combined number of over 40 million subscribers. After KSI’s boxing match with popular YouTuber Joe Weller, KSI called out the Paul brothers to challenge them to a boxing match.

Logan Paul answered, and the fight was set for Aug. 25, 2018. This event did not only give more publicity to YouTube, but it also brought fans together to watch the sport of boxing.

This event was filled with other YouTubers like Deji, Jake Paul, Scarce and FaZe Sensei. YouTube was the main promoter of this fight which made this fight unlike any other. However, the fight ended in a draw which left an abundance of fans disappointed.  

Not even a year later a rematch was announced for the two YouTubers to square off once more. This time professional promoter Eddie Hearn made discrete changes to the upcoming fight.

Some of the changes included the removal of the headgear and the addition of 10-ounce boxing gloves.  Additionally, instead of YouTubers and other celebrities boxing in the undercard, there would be championship boxers to round out the pay-per-view. 

This decision left fans furious because of how authentic the first meeting of KSI vs Logan Paul was. That event gave a chance for other YouTubers to gain more recognition while putting on a show for the fans. Now, this opportunity is taken away to make this event seem like a professional boxing fight. 

Like the previous fight, press conferences would take place to further promote the internet celebrities. These press conferences did great with promoting the fight to millions of fans. This conference was very colorful from the comical insults to even the peculiar dress choices.

Before the fight, YouTubers would promote the fight by showing their training and sparring videos. Between the two, it seems that Logan Paul looked more impressive in the ring which made him a favorite in the upcoming fight.

On the day of the fight, millions of fans and celebrities were in attendance to see the two icons clash. Even musical artists like Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber made an appearance to support the two fighters. 

Leading up to the main event, the undercard would provide some very entertaining moments. One would be between two amateur boxers that ended in a comical disqualification.

With all the undercard fights ending, the main event would begin. With the two fighters in the ring, the crowd went wild as the two Youtubers would participate in an important stare down.

The start of the fight would start with KSI throwing some wild punches while Logan Paul would be more defensive. Logan would use his height and throw some jabs and hooks to slow down KSI.

The second round would follow a similar style with KSI only throwing haymakers and Logan Paul maintaining his composure in the ring. 

The controversy did not start until the third and fourth rounds when there were two knockdowns that were taken back. The first occurred in round 3 where KSI seemed to knockdown Logan Paul.

However, later footage showed that Logan Paul slipped so the judges did not count that as a knockdown. Logan Paul’s situation is different because he landed a clean uppercut on KSI to knock him down.

After the uppercut, Logan Paul landed punches to the back of KSI’s head. This made the referee take 2 points from Logan Paul’s scorecard which would be a huge factor in determining this fight. 

The fight ends with KSI winning in a controversial split decision that left fans feeling split on how the event ended. However, this event did show how much influence YouTube has on people.

KSI and Logan Paul may never box again but they will be a part of one of the most entertaining boxing matches in recent history.  

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